Should I do marching band in college?

Congratulations! You are graduating high school and plan on attending college in the fall! Many choices are going to be presented to you and decisions will have to be made.

  • Your major.
  • What classes to take.
  • Which meal plan to select.
  • Who is going to be your roommate and in which dorm will you reside.
  • Do you join the marching band.

Let me answer one of these questions for you. YES! Join the marching band! I do not say this for the benefit of the college directors and their ensemble growing in number. This is about you – the one that has spent a great deal of the last four years riding on a bus to and from ball games, contests, and other events. For you – the person who built relationships with others that you may have never met otherwise. You – the one who enjoyed the atmosphere of performing.┬áHere are a few reasons why I believe participating in marching band (or concert band for that matter), regardless of your major, is beneficial.

To answer this question, check out the first full episode of the Corey’s Commentary Podcast!

Creating a more efficient marching band rehearsal Corey's Commentary

As band directors, we are constantly on the go and working behind the scenes. Sometimes, we do not plan appropriately for the next rehearsal. This often leads to a more chaotic practice and frustration. Having a regular rehearsal routine helps set the standard and expectations every day, allowing students to feel comfortable and ready. In this episode, I present a few things that helped me manage rehearsal expectation and build to a successful day and season.
  1. Creating a more efficient marching band rehearsal
  2. Center of your music education wheel
  3. Considerations when writing for color guard
  4. Emotional Pacing of your Marching Band Show
  5. Should I join marching band in college?

It’s fun! You do like fun, right?

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