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Yes. You read that correctly. I am starting a podcast. Why? Because I feel as if my experiences in music – well, and life – should be shared. Blog posts are awesome but there is something about the power of the voice. With that, I am proud to introduce to you the “Corey’s Commentary Podcast.”

Creating a more efficient marching band rehearsal Corey's Commentary

As band directors, we are constantly on the go and working behind the scenes. Sometimes, we do not plan appropriately for the next rehearsal. This often leads to a more chaotic practice and frustration. Having a regular rehearsal routine helps set the standard and expectations every day, allowing students to feel comfortable and ready. In this episode, I present a few things that helped me manage rehearsal expectation and build to a successful day and season.
  1. Creating a more efficient marching band rehearsal
  2. Center of your music education wheel
  3. Considerations when writing for color guard
  4. Emotional Pacing of your Marching Band Show
  5. Should I join marching band in college?

Question. What will this podcast cover? I am glad you asked. While my life experiences center around music – marching band, concert band, performances, etc. – the podcast will cover more. Sure, most of the content will center on helping those in the music world. There will be podcasts on marching band show pacing, should I do band in college, new pieces of music, and all sorts of items for music education. However, that is not all I love.

There is coffee. Chicago Cubs baseball and the sport in general. Star Wars because it is awesome. Men’s mental health. Grilling food. And just life as a 42-year-old man who is a husband and father. Suffice to say there will be conversations about anything and everything that pops in my brain. All of this in hopes of connecting and sharing life with other people. Maybe something I say will spark thoughts in you. Awesome! For some of you, this won’t be your brew. Well, I love coffee but hate cold brews. It won’t be for everyone.

Where can you find the podcast? Well, here in this post. Each episode will be featured on my website as soon as they are ready. It will also be available on Spotify with hopes of adding to iTunes and other media soon.

If you do enjoy “Corey’s Commentary Podcast,” feel free to show some support. Like the episodes. Leave comments. Buy me a coffee. Or, just reach out with a text and say “Thanks, bro!”

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