I don’t know about you, but when I started playing music I did it because I thought it would be fun. Most of the time, it still is fun but the work can be enormous. We strive hour after hour in the practice room or studying a score, listen to recordings, and find out everything we can about a piece before we perform it. There are an infinite amount of days or weeks between the first rehearsal and the final curtain. It is work, but rewarding…

…well, most of the time.

Life doesn’t always provide time for us to enjoy just listening to music much. Well, at least my life doesn’t. Chauffeuring my daughters to school, dance, or gymnastics. Work, fixing dinner, daily tasks. Don’t get me wrong, I love all these things. But, it takes a toll on me mentally and emotionally. Which brings us to this post.

This is the first in a series – hopefully, weekly – where I will share with you some of my favorite music. The pieces that get my toe tapping, head nodding, or just soothes my soul. Music is powerful. There are many pieces across all genres that gives me “goosebumps.” I want to share that with you, to talk to you about my favorite music. Not because it is the best composition every written, nor because the composer is among the best. Monday Morning Music will be filled with pieces I enjoy for one reason or another.

Because that is how I started to love music. Not because I knew anything about it, but because I listened to it.

To start, here is J’ai ete au bal by Donald Grantham. We performed this with the Murray State University Wind Ensemble under the baton of Dennis Johnson. I can remember my friend and fellow Monty Python fan, Morgan Kinslow, performing the tuba solo. It was a fun piece for me.

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