Many high school students are starting to plan college visits to schools in which they are interested. While many schools offer tours and standard activities for prospective students, the visits tend to be generic. In order to make the appropriate choice, here are some practices I recommend for students interested in music activities (not just a music major) during a campus visit.

Photo Credit Sandy King
Photo Credit Sandy King
  1. Attend a class in your planned major. Get a feel for the way the class operates and a feel for the facilities.
  2. Meet with a professor in your academic area. Talk with them about the programs they offer and opportunities outside of the classroom (honor societies, team activities, newspaper/radio, small ensembles, etc).
  3. Attend a music rehearsal. Many conductors may allow you to sit in with the ensemble. After rehearsal, talk with the conductor and ask questions.
  4. Eat lunch on campus and around other students. Get a feel for the overall attitude and energy of the school.
  5. Visit the bookstore and buy a hat or keychain. Can you see yourself still using those after graduating?
  6. Always make an appointment with the Financial Aide and Scholarship offices!
  7. Before you leave, take the time to walk and drive around campus on your own. Imagine yourself as a student. How does this campus appeal to you? Does it fit your personality and your needs? Nothing is more important than finding the right fit for you, regardless of school name or program. If you cannot feel at home on campus, the likelihood of being successful decreases.

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